The Goulburn Group (TGG) is a not for profit community group committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the Goulburn Region.

TGG is a think tank and action group, with a research-based approach to its activities.

TGG’s action agenda is project and partnership- oriented to achieve real results.

Take a tour around our site and contact us if you are interested in playing a part.

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Climate denial

Alternative Technology

Germany struggling with energy choices.


Council information centre goes solar - see Sustainability News (right).


Oldest rural industrial site in Australia (the Goulburn Brewery) goes solar with a large array.

Latest News

Divestment Day 2014

May 3rd - opportunity to send a message

At a recent business breakfast organised by TGG Dr John Hewson spoke about the growing problem of the stranded assets most super funds and banks are risking, by continuing to invest in fossil fuels.

On May 3rd, is urging ordinary Australians to either shift their savings out of institutions investing in fossil fuels or at the very least pressuring their super funds to look again at where they are investing their members' assets. Read more about what you can do here.

More money for wetlands ....

State government gives further $100K .

A further grant of nearly $100,000 has been announced by the state government towards further development of the wetlands project through the implementation of stage 2 of the project.

The money will go towards weed eradication and native species planting around the edge of the wetlands and further afield in the surrounding land that is part of of the wetlands precinct.

Red more here.

Goulburn goes WiFi ....

TGG's latest project up and running.




Our latest project was launched on March 9th - a free WiFi service in the CBD.

At left is TGG Chairperson, Urs Walterlin and Goulburn Mayor Geoff Kettle (left) at the launch .

So that we can attract more people to the CBD, instead of visitors just stopping at the outskirts to visit McDonald's, we are encouraging tourists and residents to visit the CBD by providing them with a free WiFi service.

So now, both residents and visitors can stop in at one of the great cafes and shops in the centre of town, visit BelmorePark, and have access to their smartphone and computer connections, all for free.

The system works through a network of WiFi transmitters located around central Auburn St, Montague,  Clifford, Goldsworthy streets, and Belmore park. As more transmitters are established, the network will expand to include the whole length of Auburn St.

Look for the sign on the windows of participating businesses.


Participating businesses (as at August 1st): Greengrocer Cafe, Century 21, Toyworld, 9000 Hair Centre, Something Special, Goulburn Club, Goulburn Water.

If you are a business in the CBD and want to join in this great initiative, email us.

More updates here.

Goulburn turns 150!

.... and what a party!


March 14th, 1863 saw Goulburn declared a city by Queen Victoria, the first declared city in inland Australia. It all revolved around the Anglican Cathedral being declared the seat of the first inland diocese. This graceful gothic style building was designed by Edmund Blacket and built in 1874. With large stained glass windows and a recently restored 3 manual pipe organ, it is the pride of the Canberra/Goulburn diocese - and the people of Goulburn.

And to celebrate this birthday, Goulburn has been throwing a big party, with street parades, exhibitions, plays, music, fireworks and general fun all round during the month of March.


Fireworks over the Anglican Cathedral   Open Day at the Pumphouse museum with the unique steam pump still operational.


Street parade float - Community Garden   Vintage Car display.

Sustainability News

New book released on Global Warming denialists.

The BOM looks at the long hot summer of 2012/13

Weather Extremes and Climate Change - March 2013.

Other Councils lead the way:

November, 2011. Strathfield Council shines a light on what should be done with developments such as Bunnings. Here's what they are requiring; Here's their sustainable policy vs Goulburn Mulwaree policy.

Recent Media Releases


May 2010. TGG Launches the Goulburn Goes Solar Project

October 2010. TGG Takes Keneally to task for solar backflip

May 2011. TGG blasts O'Farrell for changing Solar rebate

August 2011. TGG urges Council to adopt more sustainabile practices

March 2012. TGG urges Government to reconsider closing Trade office

April 2012. TGG pushes for High Speed Rail

August 2012. TGG poses sustainability questions to prospective councilors (see above)

February 2013. High Speed Rail Forum.

March 2013. Goulburn Free Wireless launched.


Interesting Stuff


Local Goulburn events

Other local events



Latest figures on the

biggest CO2 polluters:

Top 10, Tonnes p.p.

1. Australia 27.3

2. USA 23.4

3. Canada 22.9

4. New Zealand 19.1

5. Russia 13.7

6 Germany 11.9

7. South Korea 11.8

8. UK 10.7

9. Japan 10.5

10. EU 10.3

(Fed Govt. Climate Institute)

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What we're reading

"A Compass in Turbulent Times"

Still a great place to dig for minerals

Alan Kohler on Carbon tax

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George Monbiot

Bill McKibben video

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Clive Hamilton

Noam Chomsky

Climate Denial

The Planet's time scale

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