The Goulburn Group (TGG) is a not for profit community group committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the Goulburn Region.

TGG is a think tank and action group, with a research-based approach to its activities.

TGG’s action agenda is project and partnership- oriented to achieve real results.

Take a tour around our site and contact us if you are interested in playing a part.

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Climate denial

Alternative Technology

Germany struggling with energy choices.


Council information centre goes solar - see Sustainability News (right).


Oldest rural industrial site in Australia (the Goulburn Brewery) goes solar with a large array.

Latest News

2014 Goulburn Connects Sustainability Festival

Festival a huge success!

The Goulburn Connects festival is over for another year - and what an amazing success story!

People flocking around the Tesla S model on show at the Electric Vehicle Expo, across the road from the Information Centre


The festival started off with the film "Chasing Ice", held in conjunction with the Goulburn Film Group, and "Run with the Wind", held in partnership with Infigen. Over 600 people turned up for the fun run at the Woodlawn Wind Farm, and "Chasing Ice" was a sell-out.

Over 80 people attended the Energy forum and as a result of the presentations, a core group of people have expressed interest in a community energy project.

The Climate Change Gardening open day at Kentgrove attracted over 500 people, with a large proportion travelling from outside the region to learn about gardening in a more volatile climate.

The Women Connects event filled St Saviour's hall to hear Natalie and Debbie inspire women in taking practical action to play their part in tackling the inevitable consequences of a two degrees of warming. Many women put up their hands to become part of a One Million Women hub in this region.

Farmers and others turned up for the Farming 4 Tomorrow forum and heard inspiring stories of how farmers are adapting to the changing climatic conditions.

The Electric Vehicle Expo was a stunning success with 12 vehicles on show, plus a hybrid excavator and an electric go-cart!. The Tesla was a bit hit all morning with a huge number of people taking the opportunity to learn more about the future of motor transport. Mayor Kettle announced a joint project between The Goulburn Group, Council and the ACT Government to examine a proposal from TGG to develop an electric highway between Sydney and Canberra.

And "There's No Planet B" speakers stunned the 100 plus audience with their insight and clarity in addressing the challenges that a warming climate will bring to the community and the planet over the next 20 years.


John Hewson on a new GFC

Our counterpart community group in the Southern Highlands, CANWin, is running a forum with Dr John Hewson, economist, academic, and formerLleader of the Liberal Party on November 21st. The title of his address is:

"The Risk of a Climate Induced Global Financial Crisis"


Friday 21st November , 6.30 pm

Henrietta Rose Room, Bowral Library

Bendooley St Bowral

Entry: $5, concessions $2

ALL WELCOME to this important event.




Participating businesses (as at August 1st): Greengrocer Cafe, Century 21, Toyworld, 9000 Hair Centre, Something Special, Goulburn Club, Goulburn Water.

If you are a business in the CBD and want to join in this great initiative, email us.

More updates here.


Sustainability News

New book released on Global Warming denialists.

The BOM looks at the long hot summer of 2012/13

Weather Extremes and Climate Change - March 2013.

Other Councils lead the way:

November, 2011. Strathfield Council shines a light on what should be done with developments such as Bunnings. Here's what they are requiring; Here's their sustainable policy vs Goulburn Mulwaree policy.

Recent Media Releases


May 2010. TGG Launches the Goulburn Goes Solar Project

October 2010. TGG Takes Keneally to task for solar backflip

May 2011. TGG blasts O'Farrell for changing Solar rebate

August 2011. TGG urges Council to adopt more sustainabile practices

March 2012. TGG urges Government to reconsider closing Trade office

April 2012. TGG pushes for High Speed Rail

August 2012. TGG poses sustainability questions to prospective councilors (see above)

February 2013. High Speed Rail Forum.

March 2013. Goulburn Free Wireless launched.


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Local Goulburn events

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Latest figures on the

biggest CO2 polluters:

Top 10, Tonnes p.p.

1. Australia 27.3

2. USA 23.4

3. Canada 22.9

4. New Zealand 19.1

5. Russia 13.7

6 Germany 11.9

7. South Korea 11.8

8. UK 10.7

9. Japan 10.5

10. EU 10.3

(Fed Govt. Climate Institute)

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"A Compass in Turbulent Times"

Still a great place to dig for minerals

Alan Kohler on Carbon tax

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