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Backyard Biodiversity Interest Group

Backyard Biodiversity aims to increase habitat and connectivity for wildlife focusing on home gardens across the Goulburn region.

Urban hollows provide a nesting site for parrots. An eave over the entrance keeps the starlings out.

In 2018, TGG’s Backyard Biodiversity Interest Group is open to people interested in a habitat friendly city. If you are would like to join for our monthly coffee catchups send us a message through the contact page.

You don’t have to wait! Start observing what’s going on in your backyard – who’s visiting, who’s fighting with who, what plants are popular, do you have big or small birds, and are there cats on the prowl…




Here is a great video link to the importance of nature in our lives:

But its not all about us! It’s about creating habitat friendly spaces in our gardens, streets, schools and parks for our precious wildlife and linking these with our rivers, wetlands, bushland and green spaces.

Bug hotels are easy and fun to make.

What’s flowering in your garden? Do you have hiding places for small birds and lizards? Insects need homes too!


Try to have flowering plants all year round and a mixture of natives and exotics is fine!