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Who are we?

teslagoulburnTGG is an incorporated association, founded in 2007. Members believe that a transition to a low carbon economy is urgent, both locally and nationally.

Membership is open to people who share our vision and concerns.

Projects initiated by TGG include:

  • Goulburn Wetlands Rehabilitation Project
  • Goulburn Free WiFi
  • First regional Tesla Charging Station
  • Goulburn Community Solar FarmAerialshotwetlansbikepath
  • Community Energy For Goulburn

Members are active in the community and contribute to
consultations, events and provide “a voice” for sustainability in the media.

TGG is politically non-aligned. Our strategic focus is reviewed each year in the light of national and regional concerns.

TGG continues support for long term projects like the Goulburn Wetlands and Community Energy for Goulburn after these become independent.