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Bungonia trail

Above: a walking trail in Bungonia State Conservation Area near Goulburn

Why consider a Tree-change to the Goulburn Region?

Here’s one tree-changer story …..

Having lived and worked in Sydney most of our lives, we reached a point three years ago where we looked at each other and said – “Let’s get out!”
And you can guess why – the traffic congestion, the length of time spent commuting, the cost of living, the increasing fragmentation of community life in many areas, and unrestrained development.
However, it is not the detractors of Sydney but the attraction of the Southern Tablelands that finally sold us on a move. In short we fell in love with Goulburn. Of course, moving to a totally new environment took a lot of thought and planning, and leaving Sydney and our family and friends was not easy.
So what is in it for a Treechanger?
We particularly wanted to find five things to make our move to Goulburn a permanent one.
•We wanted rail and road access to Sydney and the South Coast to keep a spontaneous and convenient connection with children, work, extended family, friends and events.
•We wanted an affordable heritage home within walking distance of Goulburn’s cafes, shops and parks, and a north facing back yard big enough to grow vegetables and the capacity to implement solar passive design changes.
•We wanted to find people committed to building a sustainable community with whom we could enjoy friendship and likeminded activism.
•We wanted to be able to drive five minutes into the country and enjoy natural bush, rural landscapes, villages and scenic byways.
•We wanted the option of living on a bush block or having a small holding if our lives permitted this in the future.
In Goulburn we found all five and more. We were able to continue our home office and consulting work from our new home, enjoy a rich array of cultural, music and artistic events, get to know people quickly and easily and engage meaningfully with local media and Council to get things done.
Our children, friends and family enjoy their trips to Goulburn and now see the region in a positive light – not just a place on the way to somewhere else. Mhairi and Peter 2011


Peter and Mhairi starting the garden


Harvesting the first crop

What’s your story?

This story is just one tree-changer story. Mhairi and Peter moved with their home-based businesses after their children left home. Other TGG members are raising families and working locally from Goulburn city and rural districts. Some have children at school or university in Canberra and commute regularly. Do these stories resonate with you?

Can we help?

Are you interested in a sustainable lifestyle or relocating your home office or business to a less stressed and more efficient regional setting? Goulburn is perfectly located between Sydney, Canberra and the South Coast of NSW for you to seriously consider a move. If being part of a sustainable community of innovative people is on your agenda then email The Goulburn Group for a chat or a coffee next time you visit Goulburn.

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