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Kentgrove World Garden Project

Kentgrove is an historic property situated on Gorman Road, in Goulburn.  It was first settled around 1840 as a huge orchard and in 1930 was converted into a sheep station. The present owner purchased Kentgrove in 2006 and set about converting the property into a series of sustainable gardens.

After a few years of developing better infrastructure to suit impending climate change, a 750 square metre ‘Victorian Kitchen Garden’ was constructed on the existing tennis court. Next, the ‘Temperate Rainforest Room’ was constructed in part of the old jam factory. The latest project is an 800 square metre ‘Japanese Garden’.
All these gardens, as well as the dedicated ‘Australian Native’ and ‘English-style Gardens’, are based on sustainable gardening principals, and hope to work ‘with’ ongoing climate change in a positive and exciting manner.
Kentgrove will be open to visiting groups and buses on request, starting in 2016.

NEWS: Kentgrove featured in a three-page, illustrated article that was published in ‘Your Vegie Patch’ magazine (November 2015 edition, volume 6, number 1). The following is a copy of part of the first page of the article:

Adapting to Climate Change

Doug's Japanese garden

Above: the Japanese garden at Kentgrove

5 thoughts on “Kentgrove World Garden Project

  1. Hi – I am interested in visiting Kentgrove as we are involved in trying to get a community garden up and running in Perth WA. Do you know if it is possible that I come and look at your place – or are you having an open day in the near future?

    1. Hello Karen
      I have sent you an email direct from my email address did you receive it
      Regards Doug Rawlinson “Kentgrove”

  2. Hi Doug

    I coordinate the Canberra Organic Growers Society Backyard Group and I thought that this would make a great place for our group to visit. Would we be able to do so one Sunday in November?

  3. Hi Doug,
    We are keen to visit your garden having recently moved into the area, could you please email me the viewing/opening times?


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