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Sustainable development

Sustainable living

While Goulburn (like most regional cities) lags behind the big metropolitan areas (and other parts of the world) in establishing sustainable living practices, TGG is taking positive steps to address this issue. Projects such as the Goulburn Wetlands, Goulburn Goes Solar, Tree-changer Attraction, and our research into public transport and sustainable living, are helping establish the group as a significant player in the region.

Lobbying the Council, sitting on various council committees, and making presentations to Council on sustainable issues has raised the profile of sustainablility in the Goulburn LGA. More work, however, is needed to convince those in Goulburn that meaningful action on global warming is necessary.


Sustainable Industry

“Renewables are now the fastest growing energy source on the planet and I am proud that Britain has played a leading role at the forefront of this green energy revolution. Renewable energy is not just good for our environment but good business too.” 

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, 26/4/12

wind 1

What we support:

The Goulburn Group (TGG) supports the development of sustainable industry in the region. We seek partnerships with like-minded businesses to achieve a more sustainable outcome for the region and will actively support sustainable companies seeking to locate in Goulburn.

This part of the Southern Tablelands already has a number of established sustainable industries, including large scale wind and solar farms, a bio-reactor, and recycling facilities.

In 2016 TGG established Community Energy for Goulburn (CE4G) which is now an incorporated community association with DA approval for the region’s first community owned solar farm.

What we oppose:

We are opposed to industries setting up in Goulburn that do not take sustainability seriously in their building design, energy consumption or recycling policies, and will continue to lobby Council to ensure building approvals are refused when sustainability is ignored.

Why set up your sustainable business in Goulburn?

Goulburn has one of the strongest concentrations of sunlight in Australia. Its tableland topography provides high country for harvesting wind energy. Renewable energy investment has real potential in this strategically located region.

Whether you are a home office business or a large national or international company, Goulburn offers considerable advantages as a location:

 1. Goulburn is stragegically located

  • Less than two hours from Sydney and under one hour from Canberra;
  • Direct motorway and railway access between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne;
  • Easy access to the Mid-West, South Coast and the Snowy Mountain;
  • Close to the Moomba-Sydney gas pipeline;
  • Networked to the latest ADSL2+

2. Doing business in Goulburn is economical

  • Land is flat, plentiful and very well priced — well below Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, and most other regional cities.
  • Quality housing is about one-third of the cost of equivalent housing in Sydney.
  • A blue collar workforce is available, along with professional expertise currently present in Goulburn’s public and private sectors, or commuting to Canberra/Sydney. Tree-changer benefits in relocating a skilled workforce to Goulburn can be leveraged for your business needs.

3. Living in Goulburn is easy and comfortable

  • Goulburn’s rural lifestyle is stress free, and there are numerous facilities for families.
  • Travel to work is easy and uncongested.
  • The climate has four distinct seasons, with average maximums ranging from 12ºC in winter to 27ºC in summer.
  • Small rural holdings are easy to find, affordable, and provide a great opportunity for genuine rural living close to the amenities of a large regional centre.


 Impressions of sustainable development in Goulburn

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