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Common myths about Goulburn

There are many myths about Goulburn that give a false impression of life in Goulburn city and the region.

Goulburn is part of the Southern Tablelands with an average height above sea level of approx 600m. This geographically unique region has four distinct seasons enjoyed by those who live here: warm summer days with cooler nights, glorious spring and autumn weather and alpine winters often with snow on the highest areas. This changing seasonal weather is part of the charm of the Tablelands and is recognised in vibrant changes to flora, fauna and bird migrations.

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Climate Fast Facts: Goulburn is warmer than Orange, Bathurst, Canberra, (all west of the Great Dividing Range), and Katoomba. See the stats here.


Goulburn’s water storage is currently (May 2011) above 90%. At the end of the drought (2008), it had higher water storage levels than either Sydney or Orange.  A pipeline is now under construction from the Southern Highlands to tap into the Sydney water supply, thus drought-proofing Goulburn into the future.

Goulburn residents have a strong commitment to water conservation and the Council offers generous rebates for the installation of water tanks. Sustainability technologies provide residents and businesses with opportunities for water recycling and conservation. The Goulburn Wetlands Project is a current project committed to renewal of natural wetlands that both harvest and renew water resources for the region and for the Sydney Water Supply.


Wind is a great renewable resource and the region hosts a number of substantial wind farm projects. However Goulburn’s reputation for windy weather is over stated. See here for wind facts about Goulburn. The ‘windy’ months are August – Nov, with intermittent windy and calm days. The rest of the year is characterised by days of calm or light winds.

And a good stopover too! Why not visit here before you leave  home to see what you can do while you are in Goulburn. It may be the first Saturday of the month when the markets are on, or Friday night with live music at the Goulburn Club with open fires, no pokies and lots of friendly folk including children, enjoying a home cooked meal and music. Knowing that there are restaurants such as Thai, Italian and Indian, and cafes off the main drag is a good idea if you are not partial to fried takeaway food. Take your picnic up to Rocky Hill at twilight and look over the city – it is magic. And if you’re short of time to wander about, consider taking a quick self drive tour of the marvellous heritage in Goulburn (available from the Visitors Information Centre). This will open your eyes.


Did you know that:

  • Goulburn has a number of private and public art galleries and Archibald winner, Cherry Hood, is a local curator.
  • There are live music venues appealing to various tastes most weekends,
  • The Conservatorium of Music and two Cathedrals offer classical music events throughout the year.
  • Mulwaree High School contributes to the artistic calendar with annual sculpture auctions of exceptional quality
  • There are many regional gardens that take part in the Open Garden Scheme.
  • The Lieder Theatre is the oldest continuous community theatre in Australia and offers regular productions of fine quality.

All this and more is on offer in Goulburn and surrounding districts.

Accessibility to Canberra, Southern Highlands and Sydney mean that Goulburn residents who want to keep connected to wider cultural opportunities are able to commute to the big smoke without the stress of living there.

The rural landuse of Goulburn is changing. Along with fine merino wool that is still a proud tradition, windfarms and alpaca herds are springing up. Autumn is grape picking season and there are boutique wineries with cellar door, cafes and restaurants across the Tablelands not just the Southern Highlands. (See here for more info.). Local farmers supply vegetables through produce stores and markets and residents with home offices run national companies and consultancies. Changes are occurring in regional living and there are opportunities in Goulburn for green industry development as the nation moves to a low carbon economy.

Are you a sustainability entrepreneur? Check out our sustainable development page, or if you are interested in investing in a changing regional economy, or making the treechange, contact us.