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Goulburn Free Wifi

The Goulburn Free Wi-Fi project is approaching its first anniversary, and one of the instigators of the project, Alex Ferrara is pleased with the results so far.

Mr Ferrara, on behalf of The Goulburn Group president Urs Walterlin (who is overseas) will present the first report to council with the details about the project at their next meeting on Tuesday.

“It’s almost a year since the Goulburn Free Wi-Fi project started, and I like to think that a ‘yardstick’ figure is that it started around June 30 last year,” Mr Ferrara said.

“We have 12 wi-fi units installed in various businesses throughout the CBD, and we also have a remote unit installed out at the Goulburn Wetlands in Eastgrove.

“Five of these units provide a fast and efficient connection, and the remaining seven act as ‘relay stations’ to spread the range of these units.

“In fact, this unit at the wetlands provides an internet connection to the Eastgrove Childcare Centre in Chiswick St, which as far as I know is the only ‘business’ that is running in Eastgrove.

One thought on “Goulburn Free Wifi

  1. Goulburn Free Wi-Fi is a great success story , Thanks Alex for all the work in getting this TGG project up and running.

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